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Tiny book creation guide:

Dear children,

We hope that these 8 short, illustrated stories, which we call Tiny Books, will help you experience the joy of reading and learn more about the diverse world around you and the many different people who live there. For all of us to be able to talk with one another, it’s very important to see the world through someone else’s eyes, to walk in their shoes. If you have questions after reading these tiny books, please share them with the adults who are closest to you. These tiny books were created by 10 writers and illustrators from Lithuania, Estonia, France, and Germany, who all share a love for creative work, children’s literature, and a desire to share novel and original stories with you.

Dear adults,

Nobel laureate in literature Olga Tokarczuk has said that “only literature is capable of letting us go deep into the life of another being, understand their reasons, share their emotions, and to experience their fate.” These words inspired us to create a project that has produced 8 tiny books by European authors, exploring subjects such as human rights, interpersonal relations, and selfawareness. We invite you to read these tiny books with children ages 6 to 10 and, after reading them, to discuss the story you’ve read and
the living bond you’ve experienced, to help children reflect on their own feelings and those of others. You’ll be assisted in this endeavour by questions prepared by child psychologists participating in this
project, and a children’s literature specialist who has also prepared some advice about how to use these tiny books to nurture your children’s creativity.

Dear children’s literature creators and professionals,

In 2021, the first Tiny Books’ edition was created as a collaboration between creative people from the Baltic countries. In 2022 the project received the “Petite Pen Prize” from the Catalan Writers’ Association,
which recognizes contributions to the creation of diverse and open minded literatuure for children and young adults. In 2023, a new edition of small books was created, with creators not only from Estonia and
Lithuania, but also from France and Germany. As many as 10 artists of differing styles, approaches, and character have created short, original, illustrated stories for young individuals – future citizens of the world – growing up in today’s reality. These stories touch on different subjects related to human rights: equality, cultural diversity, physical differences, and living in freedom. This collection also serves as a way for these creators to present themselves and a rich sample of their work. We invite you to explore this glimps into children’s literature from Estonia, Lithuania, France, and Germany, to enjoy these wonderful works, and to build a connection with the authors of these tiny books.

Download Tiny books here